The Revision

By norma - 4/15/2015 10:20:00 PM

Today is nothing to do, except discussion with my supervisor 2. I am so blessed because I got so many advice for my thesis. However, in another side, I am almost give up. There are so many revision, 😥. What make me sad isn't about how to finish the revision, but how stupid I am, 😁. Ya, maybe revision is a normal thing, and a mistake is a human natural character. But I don't know, why my feeling so guilty, 😑.

How need a lot of study I am. My writing isn't good. I like writing, but not academic writing. Well, I have knowing my mistake now. It's hard to know that you're not good in something. But I have to accept it, correct it, and always make an improvement for a better life.


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